Sunday, July 6, 2014

Instant Zen, Invisible Yoga

You already see it. Unless you looked. The Eye Cannot See Itself. Let movement penetrate deep into your skeleton. Skin, flesh, and bones.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


At about the age 15 or 16, maybe in 1967, a Unitarian Universalist minister (my faith community at the time) in Clifton, Kentucky, held a weekly yoga class. Although the aim was to attract the older members of his congregation for the purposes of improved health and rejuvenation, the class was mostly young people from the surrounding area. This was the beginning of my practice. I studied and practiced lots of things down through the years, but New Age teachings (channeling, crystal healings, astrology, etc.) never really interested me much. I spent 7 years deeply involved in TM, over 30 years a Christian and Bible student. My college years brought me into deeper study of Eastern teachings as well as Asian Art. Late in 1999, during a family crisis, I was introduced to mindfulness meditation practice through the medical community, and later joined Thich Nhat Nanh’s Community of Mindful Living sanghas in Kansas and Oregon. Having now moved to Virginia, my main practice is mindfulness meditation, a little (very little) yoga and qi gong. I’m not a teacher of Buddhism or of meditation, but I have kept a daily practice since 1999. It has a history all of it’s own too. Things that influence me are: Mindfulness Meditation, Body Scan, Zazen, Qi Gong, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Zen cooking, The Way of Tea, gardening, keeping a Bird Sanctuary, and pottery-making.